I am a very passionate person, if you are being nice. A Leslie Knope, but way less productive (way less, like a productive day for me is not wearing sweatpants) I tend to steamroll. Yeah, I like to think that I accept everyones point of view, but who am I kidding. In reality, I accept my point of view, like everyone else. Usually, the people who have to deal with my rants are my mother, my boyfriend and my friends. 

BUT HEY. I am going to become a modern person and have my own little corner of the internet where I can stand on my soap box and SHOUT MY OPINION to all that care to read. Everyone else is doing it, why can’t I. And yes, it is nearly midnight on a sunday night, the night before I start college so there is a good chance this is just a weird, before sleep idea that I have had and I can’t really know will anything come from it. 

Anyway, if nothing does, fuck it. At least it’ll be less time I spend watching netflix.

Even if nobody reads it.

Which I really hope they do. 

(ok so also I understand that my blog looks super shitty, but I will fix that. Also, please don’t get any ideas about the content of this blog. Like it’s not going to be me trying to force people to think what I think and agree on every social issue that pops up on Facebook. It might just be me ranting about how much I love cheetos or the weird person who took their shoes of that one time in the cinema. Or not even a rant at all. Who Knows. I don’t, not really)



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