Blogtober (it’s pronounced Blog-toe-bear)

The blog-toe-bear hating on basics xxxxx

Mainly because I have loads of amazing costume ideas but I hate actually wearing costumes, I’ve decided to do 1 piece a week dedicated to halloween and call it blogtober, because I am unoriginal and my eyes are really dry from my contacts and it popped up a lot in youtube, advising you How Not To Be A Dick this halloween. 

Obviously, the usual How Not To Be A Dick rules apply. If you need a quick refresher, don’t skip people who are obviously queuing, don’t talk loudly on any form of public transport, don’t rip out pages from library books and, in general, respect other people. Especially people who work in the service industry. Just because you are on the other side of the counter doesn’t make you better, and if you are rude and degrading you are revealing yourself to be a unconfident slug of a person who constantly has to degrade people they perceive as less than themselves to reassure themselves they are important.

Which is really unattractive. Also, I should probably say that I am not implying that you are a dick if you do any of the below things. The above, yes. I mostly named it Don’t Be A Dick because I like the sound of it, and I needed to have an internet record of the man I saw being a complete dick to the girl trying to serve him lunch. Hun, you don’t send back your food and refuse to pay when you’ve eaten 3/4s of it.

Halloween used to be my favourite holiday until nobody wanted to be a witch anymore unless it involved a corset and garter. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for sexy costumes. I’m even all for sexy witches. What I am not for is those really fricken expesive sexy goldilocks costumes. Goldilocks was not sexy. She was a spoilt little girl! Apply this to the 30 other costume ideas that are out there, ready to be bought in plastic bags and you are completely copping out of halloween and the extreme fun you could be having Not Being A Dick and not wearing a basic bitch costume. This does not just apply to girls, obviously. The male versions are just as terrible and depressing. Even worse. At least I will look kind of cute as a sexy nun.

If you don’t want to go the full paper mache on it, don’t buy a terrible costume. Buy some animal ears. Wear a sheet. Buy fake blood and go as a dead version of yourself. Spend the €30+ you would spend on a shitty costume that’s not going to win the prize or look good on pints. Trust me. When your out that night, you will thank me. 

(also the title is now ‘How Not To Be a Basic Bitch’ but I still needed to rant about the how not to be a dick thing)

(also yes I am aware that this post is shit and rambly but good things will come soon, maybe)

(check out my sweet autumn header and background too. ok, goodnight) 

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