Scream Queens Review/ Sorority chainsaw massacre

I can’t stop watching scream queens. Not because it’s a good TV show, because in most senses it’s not. I don’t really care what happens to the main character, grace. In fact, I’d actively like if she dies. She is the typical, nice girl who meets bitchy, rich mean girls and needs to save the world type, and it’s boring. She isn’t even funny. She wears a paddy cap (if that’s the right word, you know what I mean). I was disappointed when her head wasn’t mown off with a lawnmower. Hopefully the ‘red devil’ (creepy masked guy who is killing everyone) cuts of her paddy cap wearing, self righteous, do- gooder head in a future episode.
  “You know what, maybe it’s not Grace I don’t really like. Maybe it’s that fucking newsboy cap that this bitch NEVER TAKES OFF” _ desi-khaleesi, tumblr

There are some serious problems with this show. The only two coloured female characters talk like they are from the ghetto, which seems like a really really pathetic attempt to a) have a diverse cast (really??? did you even try??) and b) shitty, kind of racist humour that isn’t even funny but instead makes me think about the representation of minorities and people of colour on screen, and feel sad. The two LGBT characters are both predatory and come across as desperate and seedy- the lesbian being butch and man hating, which just doesn’t add anything to the show as well as being mildly offensive and tired. Most of the characters I just can’t care about. I haven’t actually even felt any emotion at anyone dying yet. 

But, despite all this, I have watched all 5 episodes and I can’t wait for next weeks. The clothes and bitchiness in this show are SO ON POINT I am prepared to sit through all the rest of the (many) boring bits and watch characters that I don’t care about die. Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin is a genius. She has perfected the sassy, spoiled sociopath and I want to watch every minute of her being a psycho bitch that I can. 

Then, their is the clothes. I don’t know what to say about the clothes, only is I start wearing cat-eye sunglasses and a pink fur coat all year round the you know why I am doing it. Also, if you know why I suddenly turn into a complete and utter psychopath, you know my inspiration 

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