Apple, the dementors of the technological world

Apple just sucked another large chunk out of my ever diminishing consumerist soul. My iPhone broke. As in, completely won’t turn on/restore. This isn’t really an unusual thing to happen in the life of a smartphone owner, unfortunately. I guess every phone breaks after a while (even my dad’s nokia brick only lasted 11 years) . The thing is, I had owned this particular iPhone for exactly 1 week when it decided to stop working. So by the time my iPhone gets back from apple, where it is being repaired because it is faulty, it will have already spend double the amount of time I have physically spent with it being fixed.  

I feel cheated and let down. I have owned iPhones for the last 8 years. I am a die hard apple fan. The first computer we ever had in my family was a (massive, looking back on it) apple mac. My grandad owned one of the first apple computer in Ireland, and it’s still in my granny’s attic. So I am a die hard apple fan. How could they prove the haters right and leave me with a broken phone after 1 week? 

For a moment I nearly considered selling my iPhone and getting, gasp, a samsung. I have heard nothing really bad about the samsug galaxy S6 (actually, my boyfriends mum’s broke after a week, but apart from that), and I know android is a much more fluid and customisable operating system, and it is equal to, if not better then iOS. 

But, I am not going to. Owning apple products is like being in an abusive relationship. It’s so good at the start, and even though they manipulate you and treat you like shit, you keep coming back for more. The really clear interface. The fact that they are so pretty. The fact that I know my macbook will last me for years, and the update after the new one has to be better than the last, surely? 

I know apple are completely playing on all my consumerist weaknesses, from the packaging to iMessage and everything in between. and I am not going to pretend to know a lot about computers, and argue the individual specs. Even writing this makes me feel unqualified for the post (if that even is a thing). I guess all I really know is that I really really like apple products and I really really don’t like the idea of not owning apple products and although I may have been brainwashed into thinking this I don’t want the fantasy to end. Not yet.

So, I don’t have a phone for a week because the new software update damaged the software (ironic, I guess), and even though apple are the ones that left me stranded in this technology desert (ok I am over reacting, I still have an iPad, a TV and a laptop) I am counting down the days until I see that little white logo light up my phone once more. 

And I don’t have to awkwardly skulk around bookies to use their free wifi so I can meet up with people. But that is a whole other post. 

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