As you can probably see, I have created a new blog that actually looks nice, and hopefully is a bit easier to navigate. I have been planning this for ages, but the views on my old blog (over 4,000!) kept on putting me off. The thought of starting again at zero everything was quite soul destroying, but I eventually got over my vanity and did it. I’m not sure this blog is even read by anyone anymore, so perhaps this was pointless, BUT even if this is the death knell for it, at least it will go down with a .com domain and a beautiful layout?

January is almost over, and obviously being me I am as late to make New Years Resolutions as I am to every other event in my life. I have always found reading other peoples resolutions far more interesting than following my own. I have also found watching anything on Netflix more appealing than actually writing down my own, a fact which is possibly ensuring my successive run of failure on the resolution front ( I actually can’t be 100% sure on this front never having kept a record)

So, with the hope that writing them down on the internet makes me more accountable and therefore encourages me to actually do the things I am resolving to do, here are my resolutions (completely making these up as I go, but baby steps)

  • I am going to attempt to get my core strength back (aka the classic get fit resolution) because it is shockingly bad and I can’t even pull myself out of the water anymore, I am so weak and also 21 is the perfect time to start worrying about a middle aged paunch according to my brain.
  • Start blogging on a regular schedule, instead of every 6 months as it has been recently, because apparently thats how you increase views and I want those #sponsored posts by the time I qualify for a pension.
  • Go to lectures when I am late, because thats normal and absolutely fine and everything I tell myself about this otherwise is just anxiety talking. Actually, now that I think about it, do not let anxiety prevent me from attending uni and all, because I am over that. And also, start answering texts and emails without having to take a beta blocker too.
  • Start a morning journal (google it if you have no idea what this is because they’re actually pretty cool) to release all my locked up creativity etc, or just ensure that when I convince myself the world hates me I can actually figure out that 99.9% of the world don’t know me at all and my dog thinks I am wonderful so nothing else matters.
  • Stop scrolling endlessly on my phone because it makes me feel like one of the snots in the Lemsip ad and also is a complete waste of time and is destroying my concentration.
  • Spend more time with people who make me feel happy and well and less time isolating myself. Also feel happy and well in general and hopefully get to the bottom of health problems that have been plaguing me for years but I have just been putting up with.

I think these are all pretty manageable, and are all actually things I am really motivated to do. Like most people, my 2016 was not a good year, but some very exciting things I cant talk about yet (because I am seeing if they will actually happen, not because a company has forbidden me to talk about it, that would be way cooler). If you have resolutions you would like to share PLEASE comment them below because I would love to read them to put off implementing mine. Shameless plug but if you like what you read and one to stay up to date with my sporadic rating please feel follow me so I can validate myself through statistics.

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