Apparently hate an negativity make you a horrible person and give you cancer. Cleansing you life of the aforementioned make you successful and according to Lousise Hay heals you of every possible physical ailment known to man.

I will happily admit I can be a hateful person. I hate a large variety of things. It’s weirdly taboo to admit this on the internet in a public way, but new year, new me. Keeping a hate- fire smouldering deep inside me keeps me going. It gets me out of bed on cold mornings. It keeps me walking when my feet can walk no more. It even got me through electric picnic despite having an intense need to be out of the scauldy mud bath its become even before I had got in the car to go there.

I despise rude customer service, because I have had to stay pleasant on the phone for 45 minutes with a woman who demanded I  describe every single style we had in and tell her the exact number of every item we had in stock. I have had to listen to people call me stupid, an imbecile and inform me I am lying about which department I worked in, all the while being as pleasant and deferring. So don’t give me shit or I will be the bitch who calls your manager, inform everyone I know about how terrible you are and never return to your store again.



  1. Clare says:

    What I hated when I worked in a shop was the sense that some customers didn’t think of me as another thinking feeling human being. They would have conversations with companions about quite personal things while I wrapped and rang up the item they were buying. I was a non person, not to be taken into account.


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