YES, I’m talking about TEA!!!

The last couple of days have been tough for many people. I believe her. However, I thought that instead of writing about my view on what has occurred, and how enraged/ upset I am, I’d leave that for another day and write about COMFORTING things we can all use to cheer ourselves up.

A cup of tea makes everything slightly better. Even in the worse scenario, having a cup of tea is better than being without one. This writer would like to point out that she DOES NOT condone the making of tea in a microwave, putting milk in a cup of tea in which the tea bag still remains, and pouring milk into a MUG of tea before the making of the tea itself. It is acceptable to pour milk into a cup of tea when the tea is being poured from a pot, however. The best sort of biscuits to have whilst drinking a cup of tea is undeniably chocolate digestives. Custard creams are the overall best biscuit, but the flavour does not complement a sip of tea in quite the same way as a chocolate digestive. Plain digestives are the devil’s work, and rich tea should be reserved for children and idiots.

In the Barrys V Lyons debate (a debate that divides, communities and is probably only understandable if you are from Ireland), Barrys wins, for me, but I see the merits of Lyons. I’m not fussy. If you are in the UK, Yorkshire tea all the way. Like plain digestive biscuits, Tetley tea is the work of the devil. NEVER drink tea in the US. NEVER. They have absolutely NO IDEA what a proper cup of tea is, and should not be let anywhere near a cup of real tea. They can manage herbal teas, and Earl Grey is a safe bet. It might seem strange to drink earl grey as an ordinary tea at first, but it’s definitely doable. I find its perfumed taste better suited to Afternoon tea, and special occasions, but it’s the only real option available.  Every American I have met has believed digestive biscuits to be a sort of laxative.

Herbal teas are what I was raised on. Before they were widely available, my mother used to carry around a selection in her handbag. They don’t have quite the same quantity of cheer an ordinary cup has, but they do still provide an acceptable amount. It is vital that herbal teas are high quality, and that means that if they are not served as loose, they are in a high-quality tea bag, with large chunks of the herbs. They steeping time needs to be strictly adhered to. Java, Pukka, and Lilys tea are brands I recommend. Herbal teas are a great option if you want a caffeine-free tea, The above brands are also perfect for Green tea, which is not caffeine free. If you are a Rooibos tea drinker, Time for tea is the ultimate brand. I think that Rooibos tea has to be my favourite tea. While studying I can go through boxes of it. I try not to drink too many cups of normal tea because I can’t handle the caffeine in the amount of tea I want to drink and also dread tea-stained teeth.

If you are feeling fragile, go make yourself a cup of tea, curl up with a book. If you have far too much uni work to do to allow yourself the pleasure, go make a cup of tea and sit at a desk with a book (a philosophy book in my case). be cheered, without inebriation.

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