I am a 22-year-old blogger from Dublin, Ireland, currently studying a philosophy degree. When the crushing weight of existentialism gets too much for my (quite narrow) shoulders, I either end up crying in a specific toilet in my uni library or watching a live stream of kittens. I am not completely pathetic and have been called cool by my mother and several drunk girls at various parties. I started a blog to avoid a specific essay last year and have kept it going since then because my friends are definitely sick of me incoherently rambling, and I always seem to have an essay I should put off doing. If I have to give it a genre I go with lifestyle because it sounds really official. I don’t think anyone will ever read this so if you, for some reason are really bored and ended up here or clicked on the wrong link, or even clicked on it on purpose let me know so I can change this hot mess of an about. Or not, so I can continue to surprise those who enter with its incredible unprofessionalism and failure to market my writing!

Thanks for listening,

Lily x