I have been so sporadic at posting I have decided I am never again going to title a return to blogging with a jaunty title announcing my return. This summer I didn't have internet access due to living in the wilderness, three miles away from the nearest cell phone service. Also, another post will outline … Continue reading ABOUT THIS SUMMER


I like to think of my learning differences as an umbrella. After all, they are just disgnoses. How could anyone point at a thing my brain does differently than others and say, that one is dyspraxia, but that one is dyslexia and every really know for sure, because my brain works as a system and … Continue reading ADD AND ME


I am an extreme perfectionist. This is an incredibly detrimental thing in most aspects of my life. I have never been able to live up to the standard I set myself because they are so unrealistic. If I somehow do manage to achieve anything, I instantly dismiss it because I see it as not good … Continue reading PERFECTIONISM


The inspiration behind this post came from an argument I saw on twitter, complaining about vegans's preaching about being vegan but doing cocaine. Not being a vegan nor a drug user, but in my third year of studying philosophy, I wondered whether or not this was in fact true. Is it acceptable to call yourself … Continue reading IS COCAINE VEGAN?