LOUIS C[reep] K

Hopefully, the floodgates opening up about the daily abuse of women in Hollywood will lead to the floodgates opening up about the daily abuse of women in every single industry (and men too. let's call it vulnerable people). Imagine a time where the powerful could not even consider masturbating in front of anyone who hasn't … Continue reading LOUIS C[reep] K


This evening, Alice Glass opened up about the physical, sexual and emotional abuse she suffered during and before her time in Crystal Castles. I found crystal castles music at one of the darkest times in my life. Before I went into hospital at the age of 16 I listened to Baptism over and over and … Continue reading ALICE GLASS


I have been so sporadic at posting I have decided I am never again going to title a return to blogging with a jaunty title announcing my return. This summer I didn't have internet access due to living in the wilderness, three miles away from the nearest cell phone service. Also, another post will outline … Continue reading ABOUT THIS SUMMER


I like to think of my learning differences as an umbrella. After all, they are just disgnoses. How could anyone point at a thing my brain does differently than others and say, that one is dyspraxia, but that one is dyslexia and every really know for sure, because my brain works as a system and … Continue reading ADD AND ME